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Real Men Go To Barber Shops


Five reasons why every man should go to a barber shop and not a Hair Salon or Chain shop.

1) Barbers know how to cut a man’s hair. If you’re like some men, you’re probably going to some unisex chain salon. Most of the time, you will walk out of these places with a bad haircut.   Sometimes, your haircut could look decent for the first week or so, but then it could grow out into a horrible bowl. The problem is that many of the people who work at salons are not trained barbers. They are cosmetologists. The difference between these two can be the difference between a bad looking haircut and a great one.

2) Barbers are trained to cut with clippers. Clippers are the main tool in cutting a man’s hair. Cosmetologists, on the other hand, are trained to use scissors. Their training is also geared towards catering to women’s hair. They become experts in styling, coloring, and perms. These are things a man has no need for. That’s why when you ask the cute stylist at a chain salon to use the number 2 on the clippers, you walk away with a bad haircut. She’s probably not well versed in how to use them. Whereas, Joel's Original Barbers use the clippers with finesse.

3) Joel's Original Barbers is a great place to talk with other men. At the chain salons, you will hardly ever talk to the woman who cuts your hair. The women who cut your hair usually end up chatting it with the other women in the salon while you will sit there awkwardly. Our barbers, on the other hand, are interesting guys with interesting stories to tell. Each of them have fascinating stories to share. You can feel at ease to say what’s on your mind. There is conversation about politics, cars, sports, and family. Guys read the newspaper and comment on current events. In between the banter, jokes are told and laughs are had. And everyone is involved: the barbers, the customers getting their haircut, and the customers waiting to get their haircut. Adding to the enjoyment is that a variety of men take part in the conversation; young, old, and middle-aged all join in. So, if you’re wanting to get your thumb on the pulse of civic life in your community, head over to Joel's Original Barbers.

4) It’s a great activity to do with your father or son. Men need traditions that can help bond them together. Visiting our barbershop with your father or son is a great tradition to begin in your family. Many of our customers have been going to the same barber all their life and have introduced their sons to the same chair and the same barber. What a great way to bond with the men in your life!

5) Every time you visit Joel's Original Barbers, you may just feel manlier. Maybe it’s the combination of the smell of hair tonics and the all-men atmosphere. But more so, it’s the awareness of the tradition of barbershops. Barbershops are places of continuity; they don’t change with the shifts in culture. The places and barbers look the same as they did when your dad got his hair cut. There are no waxing, facials, or highlights. Just great haircuts and great conversations.

When you walk out of our barber shop with a sharp haircut, you can’t help but feel a bit of manly swagger in your step. So next time you spot that familiar red and white striped pole, stop in and see us at Joel's Original Barbers!

Real Men Go To Barber Shops!